Prehistoric Wadebridge



There are a few stone-age and bronze-age monuments in the area, including Pawton Quoit, a neolithic tomb consisting of a very large flat stone supported by nine short uprights, and Men Gurta, a single standing stone on St Breock Downs. The Downs are also home to some sixty round barrows, bronze-age tombs.

In Egloshayle parish on the north side of the river there are two iron-age hill forts. Kelly Rounds or Castle Killibury is the largest, some 220 metres in diameter, and is the leading candidate for Kelliwic, a stronghold of Arthur in early Welsh accounts. There is a smaller fort in the grounds of Pencarrow and another just outside the parish in Dunmere Woods.

There are several Celtic crosses in the area, the earliest perhaps dating from the ninth century, while a stone found at Nanscow with a Latin inscription probably dates from the fifth or sixth century.

"Informative with lovely volunteers"

Really lovely free museum which is dog friendly. Volunteers are immensely helpful and knowledgeable, offering free historical guides and maps. Please do donate - this little museum really needs to continue.

"Great Local Museum"

This is a smashing venue just off the main shopping street. It is ideal for a visit to learn about thre local history of Wadebridge. The volunteers who run the place are cheerful and enthusiastic. There are plenty of visual displays backed up by knowlegable staff. It’s ideal for under an hour and open 11-3 Mon - Sat. It’s free but make a donation.

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This is a charming and informative local museum. Free to enter, the collection reflects local life and the history of the area. The museum is staffed by volunteers who are friendly and helpful. Free information guides are offered and the volunteers are ready and willing to answer any questions. This is another local museum which relies on donations to keep it running. It is a very dog friendly area and this includes the museum so canine friends are welcome. I spent about 45 minutes here as it is a small museum, but I thoroughly enjoyed my visit.

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The Wadebridge and District Museum reopened in 2013 and has a most interesting collection of photographs and artefacts about the history of Wadebridge. It is primarily manned by local volunteers who are able to provide you with not only the past historical details of this Town and about the various industries and businesses that used to be found in this area – but also about the typical life and times of local residents and how it has changed over the years. Recommended as a good starting point for visitors to Wadebridge

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it was raining , glad it was or i would not have known how great this place is , finding out about where you are and the history , good fun and great staff to explain things you may not understand ,well worth the visit ,..